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Låttext: No sleep

It’s 9 p.m., I’m in my bed
I need to sleep
Be up by five
To earn my bread

I put away the book I read
Turn of the light
Get in to place
My body won’t concede

It is uncompromising
I start philosophizing
What’s the concept of culture
Does it depend on juncture
Is it something structured
Something manmade out of color

I can’t sleep, I need to pee
I can’t sleep, I need to pee

What is the lump that’s on my neck
I google it
Oh, shit, oh fuck
I need to get a med. check

At 3 a.m. I’m turning in
At sleep at last
Two hours past
Then the alarm clock ring

The sound is penetrating
It is excruciating
Why is the temple pulsating
And why is the room rotating
I get the sound abating
Oh fuck, that’s liberating

I wanna sleep, I need to pee
I wanna sleep, I need to pee

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