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Låttext: The ballad of the broken man

He said to me “Son don’t you worry
I to, loved a women once
Sit down, I shall tell you my story
About love that could never be won”

In his voice I could hear his sorrow
But no tear was there to be found
The words, like those of Lazarus
Risen from he’s burial ground

He told of the first time he saw her
Singing songs for the victims of war
Although his wounds where severe
Her vision would heel he’s soul

When they’d fought down their enemy
And peace had finally came
All he had left was a memory
Of a face without a name

He went home hunted by that memory
And knew without her he’s soul was unsound
So he searched all over the country
But that girl was nowhere to be found

Broken down, lost, dirty and wet
He came in to New York City
Believing he was set to forget
And get rid of that lonesome self-pity

At a bar in the slum where the poor people go
He sat down to drown of his sorrow
Next to a barfly, a rat and a crow
He drank till the early morrow

He went to seek solace from the ladies of joy
But all that he felt was detest
He found nothing in town he could truly enjoy
To rid of the pain in he’s chest

Then one night, in a club up in Harlem
As he drank up he’s very last pence
There played a singer named Carmen
Singing songs in a present tense

He knew that face, from once long ago
And that voice as clear as an angel
The only beauty he could ever know
Like the morning sun in April

He convinced her to stay at his table
And they spoke all through the night
And to he’s sorrow she said she’s not able
To love him the way that he’d like

He left town in the morning, to go on the road
To forget she had ever existed
She was only the girl that he wished he had knowed
Whose charm he had wished he’d resisted

As the years went by he’d forgot
Of the girl that possessed his heart
He had learned from the past he’d taught
No longer would he fall apart

Then there one night at the fair
Stood a women, no longer that girl
He had known once he could swear
More beautiful than any pearl

And all of the feelings that he once felt
Came back like they never had left
Once again he’d feel how he’s heart would melt
And the pain of love bereft

He stood and glared at her from a distance
Gathering courage to call out her name
Well aware of her very existence
And that this was no longer a game

What happened next he could not explain
Like something out of a dream
But the next morning when he woke up to the rain
She laid next to him it would seem

When he asked if this time she would stay
She looked up at him with a smile
“You are sweet, but my answer is nay”
Said she. “But let’s lay down for a while”

And as the morning grew long
She left him alone in his bed
Inside he was crying, but he tried to stay strong
Though inside he was already dead

“So you see son” he said “though my pain has been great
Many years has past and I’m still alive
I know you’re hurt, but try to stay straight
And you’ll see you shall also survive”

I looked at the man who had spoken
And there, buried deep in his eyes
I could see the pain of the broken
And I know that those words had been lies

The one that has died can never be healed
From the pain that led to his death
So darling, my love for you I must keep concealed
And bear to my very last breath

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