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Låttext: The girl I once loved

The first time I saw you, it was so long ago
You smiled, and your teeth was as white as the snow
I walked up to you, and asked for your name
You shrugged and said “it is all the same”
I stated the obvious, that I was drunk
But that I still wanted to ask you out
To my surprise, you accepted my plea
Yet warned me about your sensuality

That’s how I met
The girl I once loved

We walked down the river, and kissed on the pier
It has often been asked how we ended up there
It wasn’t long, until we moved in
To the apartment we’d rent from your kin
There would be times, we’d stay in for days
Talking of the poets and you’d always amaze
With your knowledge of the world and its philosophies
All that I had was my own ideals

That’s how I lived with
The girl I once loved

I knew from the start, that it could not last
But how could I have guessed, it would go down so fast
You came home one evening, screaming to my face
“I want you out, you can get your own place”
The things that I said, I cannot defend
And to no surprise it would mean the end
The last thing you said to me, I never understood
“You’ve never touched me like a lover should”

That was the end of
The girl I once loved

Where you have gone to, I cannot tell
But I never truly got over your spell
Although I sometimes wonder, who is with you now
I hope that you’re happy and that he knows how
To sensually touch you in just the right way
And knows all about the passionate play
But for all that I lacked, one thing must be set
There is nothing with you that I truly regret

For you where she
The girl I once loved

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